Web Lite Translation: Your Localization Solution

Localize your cloud-based service, e-commerce store, app or website into other languages at a fraction of the cost, with little change to your existing software, and get it up and running in weeks, not months.

How Web Lite’s Solution Helps Your Business

Cloud-based service Provider

  • Add additional languages to your cloud-based service so non-English speaking clients the world over can use it.
  • Allow your clients to vastly expand their client bases by offering multiple languages to their clients.

E-commerce website – sell your products to buyers from all over the world.

Corporate websites – Expand your market regions and stay in touch with your customers in their own languages.

Document translation – translate your documents in Powerpoint, Word, XML, InDesign and other formats using professional translators.

Localize your cloud based service


Our Advantage: The Web Lite Difference

How we combine innovative technology and flexible service options to help you achieve your objectives using our solution.

Rapid time to market

Rapid Time To Market

Use our technology to rapidly add additional languages to your cloud-based service, online store or website. Have it set up, translated and launched in weeks, not months. Learn more.
leverage software

Leverage Your Existing Software

Maximize re-use of your existing software and no need for disruptive code re-writes and time consuming back testing. Minimal coupling is required with Web Lite software. Learn more.
Web Lite cost advantage

Cost Advantage

Thanks to our integrated solution, your IT and admin costs associated with your multilingual website are simply eliminated or greatly reduced. Learn more.
flexible options

Flexible Service Options

We offer a full range of flexible service options from setup, translation and on-going management to hosting, matching your internal resources and cost objectives. Learn more.
Free up your IT resources

Free Up Your IT Resources

Our automated synchronization service greatly reduces the need for your IT resources to be involved and frees them up to manage other critical IT tasks. Learn more.
Open Source software

Open Source Non-Captive Solution

Substantially reduce your supplier risk from closed, proprietary solutions. Our open-source software lets you retain full control at all times. Learn more.


Other Web Lite Features

  • Simplicity – reduced complexity thanks to minimal software coupling with your software.

  • Seamless flow – integrated workflow system built in minimizes human errors along the way.

  • Synchronization – innovative synchronization technology detects content change automatically.

  • Technology -integrated environment allows translator to instantly previews results.

  • Scalability – set up translation server once and many languages.

  • Security – hosting in our secure environment or in your own domain for complete security.

  • Re-use – built-in translation memory maximizes consistency and re-use.

  • Traceability – integrated workflow management environment enhances accountability.

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Case Studies

Different businesses use our technology solutions and services to achieve their business goals.

Cloud-based Service Provider

Using an integrated solution with Web Lite technology, Unisync, a uniform supplier, rapidly created English/French internal uniform ordering e-commerce websites for Purolator, Home Hardware and other Canadian Fortune 500 companies.

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Roland DGA


Large Corporate Website

Thanks to the managed, automated synchronization service, Roland DG, a leading worldwide manufacturer of wide format printers, rapid prototyping systems and photo-impact devices, is able to keep up to date its Spanish website with over 600 pages of constantly updated rich multimedia content in order to serve its rapidly growing South American market.

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User Reviews:

Check out what our users are saying about our solution!


“We had never needed our web sites to be translated to French. When the requirement arose, we feared a massively expensive solution or a quick solution with many problems, including slow execution and bad translations. Instead we found SWeTE from Web Lite. This extremely professional organization provided us a quick solution with fast execution speeds and human translation. What could have been a nightmare ended up being a pleasure. I highly recommend this company to anyone with the need to translate a web site or many web sites into any language. At worst, if they don’t have people who can translate into your target language, they can help you find them. Their tool does the rest!”
Al Baker, Projects Senior Manager, Uniform Market
“Since working with Web Lite on our original Chinese translations we have had nothing but positive experiences throughout any and all projects. Whether it be a quick phone call or email, any of our requests or concerns are quickly dealt with and the exchanges are always positive. We are very happy to have established our relationship with Web Lite and look forward to working with them well into the future.”
Brandon Weese, Web Coordinator

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