The Web Lite Group

The Web Lite Group consists of two companies specializing in language translation and Internet technology. Our main office is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia. We also have representatives in China. The two companies provide three different kinds of services but both share the same goal: helping our clients – through innovative technology, industry experience, and a commitment to client satisfaction; to create effective, user-friendly ways to expand their business and reach more potential customers.

  • Web Lite Translation Corp. – provides turn-key translation services to companies seeking a professional, cost-effective alternate language website. Using our specialized SWeTE technology and streamlined work-flow management processes we deliver high-quality alternate language websites that are easy to set-up and maintain.
  • Web Lite Solutions Corp. – specializes in affordable, high-quality software design and technology, using the latest innovative technologies and open source technology. We build simple, robust software solutions designed to maximize productivity for organizations and small businesses. You can see some examples of our software design by visiting the Web Lite Solutions products page.


SWeTE – our core technology platform

Web Lite Simple Website Translation Engine, or SWeTE, is the core technology behind Web Lite’s translation services. As of release two, SWeTE has been released as open source software to the design community. Software designers and technicians with some IT background would be able to download it for free and try it out to see if the solution is right for them.


Download SWeTE and try it out today.