Depending on the content of a website and how it is designed, up to 90% of its life cycle cost can be IT related.

Our Time To Market Advantage

The Web Lite translation software is designed to work side by side with your existing website, with minimum changes required to your existing software. This loosely coupled arrangement vastly eliminates hundreds of ‘hooks’ needed to put into your existing software, drastically shortens the software re-write cycle and the disruptive back-testing cycles. As a result, you can bring your new multilingual service to market in weeks, not months.

Our Cost Advantage

Multilingual website cost components

One needs to look at both the initial and ongoing costs of owning a multilingual website. There are several cost components to consider :

  • translation cost – it depends on the amount of content to translate and the number of languages supported. This is typically the most visible component to most website owners or administrators.
  • IT cost – this includes changing the infrastructure and software to support another language and their level of involvement in the translation process.
  • admin cost – this involves the creation, review and approval of translation job units across multiple functional teams as defined in your workflow process.

Depending on which technology you choose, your decision would have a dramatic impact on the life cycle cost of ownership, ease of maintenance and overall quality of your website.

The Web Lite Cost Advantage

Thanks to our integrated solution, many of the cost components are simply eliminated or greatly reduced:

  • minimal changes needed to the source language pages
  • little/no IT involvement in content extraction, translation and synchronization
  • integrated workflow greatly eliminates human handling
  • translation memory significantly cuts down translation cost

As a result, IT cost is substantially eliminated and translation and admin costs are significantly reduced in the process.

Other advantages

Our solution offers many other advantages:

  • reduced complexity – no software hooks, no cloned pages
  • process simplification – drastically simplified content synchronization process
  • flexibility – use our professional translators or your own resources, or even machine translation if you wish
  • better quality – fewer manual steps reduce human errors and translation re-use maintains better consistency
  • faster time to market – set up a multilingual website in no time and synchronize content quickly
  • security – host within your own domain for complete control or use our secure server environment
  • scalability – set up the translation environment only once. Adding another language in future is as simple as flicking on a switch.
  • traceability – integrated workflow management environment enhances accountability


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