Frequently Asked Questions

No. You continue to manage your website just the same as you’ve always done.

Your original website stays where it is. The alternate language translations are either hosted on our secure server in Web Lite’s database or inside your own server environment.

Yes. Web Lite’s software works with the resulting HTML pages from your database, so that it can work with complex dynamic websites in the same way that it works with small static websites.

Web Lite’s sophisticated technology will automatically detect these changes and update the translated versions. If you change the look of your website, Web Lite will automatically adapt by updating the translated versions to match exactly. If the text content is the same, then no changes will be made to the translated text. Web Lite will just automatically rearrange the translated versions to match the original.

This process is simple and seamless because Web Lite doesn’t actually create a mirror of your site. It dynamically layers the translations over your original website leaving you with a hassle-free experience.

No. Only the text that was changed needs to be retranslated.

No. Most translation providers create a full copy of your website’s files and translate them. This causes all kinds of difficulties and complexities when the original content is updated and the translations need to be changed accordingly. Web Lite, by contrast, uses advanced software techniques to replace the original text. As a result, no mirror page is created.

It takes literally minutes to add a new language to your source pages. The translation obviously depends on the size of the website and how much static versus dynamic content there is. Please contact us for an accurate assessment.

Other than some minor adjustments to your source pages, there is no software to install on your existing website. Depending on your needs, you might want to install the translation server in your environment yourself and have it hosted on our secure servers.