Project Description


Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Unisync Group Limited is a full service, vertically integrated provider of uniforms, workwear, image apparel and related solutions. With distribution centers in Western and Central Canada, Unisync Group serves many corporate clients and services 30,000+ ship-to locations in North America and numerous locations worldwide.


Unisync Group has been contracted by Home Hardware, one of Canada’s largest home improvement, construction materials and furniture retail chains with over 1000 independently owned member stores across the country, to set up a franchise-wide e-commerce website which will enable their franchisees to order store uniforms online. The Home Hardware online uniform ordering website needs to integrate seamlessly into Unisync Group’s internal uniform inventory system and provide French language support for their franchisees in the province of Quebec and other French speaking regions of Canada.


On the heels of the successful creation of the English/French online employee uniform ordering website for Purolator using Web Lite’s translation platform, Unisync and Uniform Market, its online solutions partner, decided to use the same approach to come up with a solution for Home Hardware.


Thanks to the commonality between the Home Hardware and Purolator solutions and the amount of re-use possible as a result, Unisync was able to create the French version of e-commerce website for Home Hardware in an even shorter time than it took for the Purolator e-commerce website which only took under six weeks.

Having been familiarized with the technical aspects of Web Lite’s translation server, Unisync’s technical team was able to integrate their software with the translation server independently. Their in-house translators were also able to complete translation of the e-commerce website into French without outside involvement.

“We had never needed our web sites to be translated to French. When the requirement arose, we feared a massively expensive solution or a quick solution with many problems, including slow execution and bad translations. Instead we found SWeTE from Web Lite. This extremely professional organization provided us a quick solution with fast execution speeds and human translation. What could have been a nightmare ended up being a pleasure. I highly recommend this company to anyone with the need to translate a web site or many web sites into any language. At worst, if they don’t have people who can translate into your target language, they can help you find them. Their tool does the rest!”
Al Baker, Projects Senior Manager, Uniform Market

: Mississauga, Ontario

  • vertically integrated provider of corporate uniforms

Target language: French
Web Type

  • corporate uniforms ordering e-commerce website for franchise members of Home Hardware

Services provided:

  • translation server setup

Website: internal website