Powerful Website translation Engine

At the heart of Web Lite Translation’s innovative approach to multi-lingual website creation is our Simple Website Translation Engine software (SWeTE). This translation engine makes it possible to offer companies the same powerful features and high-quality translations previously only available to large companies utilizing expensive, custom solutions.

Our translation engine software is best suited for:

  • websites with content which is updated regularly
  • proprietary e-commerce websites and websites with dynamic content
  • proprietary websites or websites built upon an open content management system with custom modules


Simple To Integrate with your existing website

Our translation server is designed to work side by side with your existing website. Whether you choose to host our server in your own domain or have it hosted for you in our secure server environment, integrating with your existing website takes literally hours, not weeks or months.


Integrated Translation Platform Means Faster Updates, Fewer Mistakes

Thanks to the built-in translation environment, existing content is extracted from your existing website and imported into the translation server. There, a translator can perform and preview his/her work instantaneously.

The integrated environment eliminates the need to pass text or HTML files back and forth between your translator and IT personnel. By removing this human chain, both implementation time and the potential for mistakes are greatly reduced.


Translation memory Brings Maximum Reuse & Consistency

The built-in translation memory saves time and money. By tracking the previously translated work, it can identify the segments of the web page requiring translation when updating current information or adding new contents. This keeps your website consistent across every version and reduces duplication of effort.



Download a copy of the SWeTE software and try it out or learn more about it.



Built-in tool to synchronize content

Synchronizing content across multiple languages traditionally present a major challenge to owners of multiple language websites.

Thanks to our built-in synchronization tool, new content can be easily imported and changes to existing content automatically isolated. New and changed content can then be sent off for translation. The translated results are automatically inserted with the click of a button, again, without any additional involvement required from your IT staff.


Seamless, Integrated Work Flow Management

Managing and tracking the work required to maintain alternate language versions of a website is one of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a multi-lingual web presence. Web Lite’s enterprise grade content management system features quality and process control functions to track the status of all your translation work.

With assignable user role and privilege settings, streamlined generation of translation job units, an integrated environment, automatic review and approval routing, and automatic publishing of approved changes, your translation requirements are dealt with efficiently while ensuring traceability and accountability.


Language Specific Customization

While consistency in your multi-lingual online presence is important, there may be times when you want specific versions of your website to have individualized features.

Using our powerful translation features and with minimal changes required to your HTML sources, you can do the following depending on the language displayed:

  • display language-specific banners, backgrounds and other images
  • implement custom style sheets for different languages
  • switch, show or hide specific sections of a web page


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